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Hi, I'm Angi!

My name is Angi Denson and I have lived in the greater Charlotte, NC area for 16 years after growing up in Delaware. I spent a short time in my young adult years on the West Coast near Seattle, WA before making my way back to the East Coast. After dealing with an extreme amount of stress through unplanned life events, I found myself battling chronic fatigue, losing a good amount of my hair, and experiencing anxiety that had never been an issue for this type A, confident, corporate professional. After many visits to the doctor and being told nothing was wrong except age and stress, I pushed for tests and answers before being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease. I was told to take a pill for the rest of my life and go on my merry way. I knew there had to be a better way. I researched natural remedies for several years and went back to college to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through the American College of Health Care Sciences, followed by a second Integrative Nutrition Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After reducing my symptoms and getting my illness in remission, I decided I needed to share my knowledge and experience with others. 

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I share many similarities with the wonderful women in my family, including some of our health history. While many chronic illnesses and symptoms seem to be genetic, you can improve your health and change your family tree through the right foods and removal of environmental toxins and stressors. Here at Balanced Beauty, I customize health and wellness programs for my clients through a holistic approach that considers your unique physiology, lifestyle, and life experiences to help you achieve balance in your health and in your life. If any of these experiences are familiar to you, I know how you feel. You are not alone, and I CAN HELP!

Fun Facts About Me



As a Type A personality, I had to find balance and did so by incorporating yoga, meditation, weight lifting, massages, and relaxation time with my hubby into the rotation of things to get done.



I grew up at the beach and was there every chance I got, but after moving to North Carolina, I now have a wonderful appreciation for the beauty of the mountains and hope to retire in Asheville one day.



I love food and never missed an opportunity to clean my plate (healthy food and junk alike) and now I focus on having a clean plate (as in only healthy, nourishing foods) and getting the nutrition my body needs.

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