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Detox Tip: Ditching Sugar


If you’re always fighting a losing battle with your sweet tooth, here’s another big reason to break up with refined sugar: it’s considered by many experts to be a toxin. And, that’s bad news for your health.

Sugar is a major contributor to obesity; but even if you’re not overweight, eating tons of sweet stuff can disrupt your body’s hormones and may pave the way for metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. Refined sugar has also been linked to low immunity in some small scale studies.

Scary stuff, right? Cutting back on your refined sugar intake makes a whole lot of sense, but it can be super difficult. I’m sure you’re aware, sugar is pretty addictive. Animal studies on rats have shown that sugar encourages neurotransmitter production that’s similar to drug abuse!

There’s also some evidence in human studies that show sugar affects hormones such as ghrelin and leptin, both of which are hugely important for appetite. The end result? You’re more likely to struggle with overeating.

Ready to start waving goodbye to sugar? Non-starchy veggies, protein, and healthy fat are your friends for balancing your blood sugar and keeping you feeling full. Your digestive system will get a boost too. If you’re currently dealing with digestive problems such as gas, bloating, and reflux, you may notice a big difference when you start to cut out sugar.

A quick note about fruit here … the main focus is on cutting out added and refined sugars, so don’t feel that you need to stay away from fruit too.

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