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What can I eat when I’m gluten free?

Gluten Free IS Possible!

When you first transition to gluten free, it can be super hard to know exactly what you’re able to eat.

Avoiding things with wheat is obvious but it can be a lot more challenging than this. Barley, rye and spelt are also likely to cause problems. Luckily, there are tons of alternatives that are naturally free from gluten, including quinoa, buckwheat and rice.

Oats are more of a gray area though. They don’t contain gluten, but they can easily come into contact with it through cross contamination. A general rule of thumb? Assume that oats are a no-no unless they specifically state that they’re gluten free. This takes away any risk that they’ve come into contact with gluten.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, lean meats, dairy and fish are naturally gluten free so it makes sense to have them as a large part of your diet.

There are tons of gluten free products available these days, although they often contain a fair amount of fat, sugar and salt. In some cases, they can be a lot like regular junk food.

And a quick word about foods and drinks that are going to be off limits or need to be swapped for a gluten free version. Common sources of gluten include wheat flour, bread, cakes, pastries, cookies, pizza, pasta and crackers. More surprisingly, beer, sausages, sauces and soy sauce often contain gluten so if these are favorites of yours, look for gluten free alternatives!

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